Matcha Organics

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A pure and refreshing matcha! Gave me a light energetic lift without the heavy caffeine feel that coffee gives me. I will make this a part of my… Read More »

EcoOrganics Face Cream

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A wonderfully light and refreshing cream. I like the feel of the cream on my face and I know I’m using all natural organic ingredients, free of main-stream… Read More »


I Can’t Believe It Carrot Souffle!

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I can’t believe it carrot souffle…that is I can’t believe how good this is! A few months ago I found myself with several pounds of carrots, given to… Read More »


Simply Gorgeous Trifle Tiramisu!

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I love making this dish for any occasion, especially the holidays because of the lovely red raspberries. My friend Jamie first introduced me to this recipe & I… Read More »


Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

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Yum, yum! It’s tricky to find a healthy cookie recipe that meets my unhealthy cookie expectations…not to mention my husband’s! So I was pleasantly surprised at these delicious… Read More »


Cheese & Sausage Ebelskivers—taste like a McGriddle!

In Food On December 1, 2011 2 Comments

O.M.G. These are AMAZING! I’d call them “McGriddle Ebelskivers” if it wasn’t a copyright infringement. My husband went nuts over these ebelskivers! They really do taste like a… Read More »


No Bake Cookies You Can’t Say No To!

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My husband begs me to make these no bake cookies on a daily basis. They are chewy, soft and sweet. Using Splenda and light peanut butter make them… Read More »


Apple Butter Ebelskivers

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I love pancakes in the morning. I could eat them every day without batting an eyelash. So when my husband and I stumbled across this ebelskiver pan at… Read More »


Easy Peasy Yeast Rolls

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I have always been intimidated by using yeast. The idea of a ingredient that rises and suddenly has a life of it’s own sounded very unruly! When it… Read More »



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Love at first taste. That’s what transpired the first time I sunk my taste buds into this traditional Brazilian treat: brigaderio. (Pronounced: ’’) My lovely friend Tatiana, who recently… Read More »